GLOW “God Lights Our World” Kids Pre K – K

Our PreK & Kindergarten class explore Bible Stories while using all five senses!  They will grow in their faith while using their imagination, developing motor skills, creating fun crafts, playing games, making snacks and more!

LOL 🙂 “Live Out Loud” Kid 1st-4th grade

LOL Kids is Kids’ Church for our first through fourth graders during the 11:00 Sunday morning service. LOL is based on the verse found in Philippians 1:21: “For to me to live is Christ…”. This is a small group/large group format where we focus on getting kids into the Bible and the Bible into kids. In small groups, kids study bible passages, then come back together in a large group to share what they’ve learned. Praise and worship as well as fun activities round out the service.

“Focus” 5th and 6th grade 

Sunday’s during our 11:00am service

Glow – Pre-K to Kindergarden

L.O.L. –  1st to 4th Grade

M.A.D – 5th & 6th Grade




During our first worship service Sunday 8:30am we have a combined service for ages Pre-k through 6th grade. The kids worship in a special, smaller group setting where the kids enjoy a learning time and fellowship with the teachers and helpers. The kids study the Bible, do crafts, and spend time worshipping Jesus.

Little Blessings Preschool is committed to providing each student with an outstanding early learning experience in a loving Christian environment.

The goals of this preschool are to teach the necessary academic and social requirements for kindergarten along with introducing or enhancing their knowledge of Christ. 

Please contact the church office for more info.

Annual Events

Held annually 3rd full week of June 9am – Noon

Theme event held annually on the local area “Trick or Treat” Night

Held annually the Saturday before Palm Sunday

Children’s Sunday School Classes

Sundays 10 – 11am

KidConnections also has children’s Sunday School here at Porterfield Baptist Church. It is an innovative approach called rotational model Sunday School, designed to encourage spiritual learning for children of all ages and abilities. The rotation model concept concentrates on teaching to the multiple intelligences. Simply stated-everyone learns in different ways; some have to be “hands-on”, others do better by listening, and still others learn by seeing. Regardless of a learners most effective personal style, the rotation model Sunday school program enables multiple activities that focus different intelligences on the same subject matter. One lesson is the focus for four weeks – called a “block.” Children are divided by grade level into groups. There are four rooms that each group visits for one Sunday in the “block”. Children experience the same concept for one month, but it is anything but boring. Here are the room descriptions to give you a better grasp of the concept:



Available Sundays:
8:30 – 9:30am
10 – 11am
11- Noon
Sunday Evenings:
6 – 7pm
6:30 – 7:45pm

Infants-to 4 yrs old

Kingdom Chronicles

Kingdom Chronicles is our drama room. Children are immersed in the story being studied; they may be taught by a rabbi in a replica of a jewish temple, witness bible events and characters firsthand, and even experience the Passover meal as Jesus’ disciples did. Complete with stage, props, and costumes, this room provides a life experience rather than just a lesson.

Divine Design

The Divine Design room centers lessons around art and craft activities. Some examples might be painting a lion’s head while learning about Daniel in the Lion’s Den or creating stained glass candles to remind us to let the love of Christ shine through us beautifully to help others come to know Christ themselves. Fun, hands-on activities keep kids engaged and reinforces the biblical principles being taught.

Third Day Theatres

Popcorn Anyone? Third Day Theatres’ movie seats, surround sound, and a popcorn machine make this room a real treat for the movie lover. Children watch videos and DVD’s that give them visual reinforcement of that “block’s” lesson.

Sonrise Surprise

Sonrise Surprise is just what the name implies – a surprise! Activities in this room are a hodgepodge of fun; one week may be music or movement, another could be relay games, or maybe even science or cooking. Whatever the activity, it is always a fun and different way to learn the biblical concept being taught during that “block.”