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Life Groups

Welcome to Life Group Ministries here at Porterfield Baptist Church. We are so excited you chose to look into this spiritual journey. It is our desire for everyone to be involved in the Life Group experience. We are looking forward to helping people connect through Life Groups in order to build community and foster spiritual growth. We hope you take this opportunity to read more about this dynamic ministry below and consider joining one of our groups.


Through community and fellowship with one another we want to foster spiritual growth through which the body of Christ is united in the purpose of discipleship.


Entry Point
Through Entry Point individuals will have the opportunity to come together in order to begin their Life Group Journey.

Life Group Facilitators will help guide the Life Group experience to create a welcoming atmosphere of growth and community.

Support Team
A team of individuals to support and oversee the health and well being of the Life Group community.

Tools such as Right Now training for facilitators as well as custom written curriculum by the support team will help foster a positive Life Group experience.


Life Groups are about building community. Because of this, when joining a life group we ask for a 12 - 18 month commitment. Here are just a few of the experiences you can expect throughout your Life Group Journey.
Fellowship - Growth - Support - Discipleship-Connection


Healthy groups grow and multiply. Here's how you can get involved:
Become a Facilitator
Attend a facilitator training provided twice yearly.

Host a Life Group
Open you home to a Life Group.

Join the Support Team
Attend monthly planning meeting and support specific Life Groups.